Both offshore and on-shore drilling require components that can withstand high temperature and high-pressure environments.  Our high performance polymers provide a great material base to create rings and seals that can perform in those harsh environments, and our stock shapes provide easy production.

We aim to provide products that have consistent properties for less maintenance, fewer interruptions and more drilling.  The Engineering Plastics Stock Shapes and Custom Material Stock Shapes created at APEXCO-PPSi are lightweight.
A wide variety of additives, and colors to meet your specific demands are an extra option we can provide. Benefits include excellent metal replacement, resistance to extreme oil exploration and completion environments, and enhancing reliability to reduce costly downtime. With exceptional resistance to corrosion, pressure, and high temperature, these components are well suited to the down-hole environment

Some of the advantages associated with our material grades are:

  • High chemical resistance, including carbon sulfide
  • High performance and high efficiency due to dimensional stability, low maintenance requirements, longer part lifetime, and precision manufacturing
  • Reduction in weight when serving as a metal replacement
  • Reduction in friction when using our wear grade polymers
  • Compliance with industry specifications

With drilling capabilities and locations changing every day, APEXCO-PPSi understands that our line of Stock Shapes may not meet every specification, which is why we ‘d look forward to talk to you about creating your custom solution today.  Contact us to begin making your concept a solution.