PAEK (Arylmax® P)

This high performance polymer will be useful in the Oil and Gas industry, Electronics industry, Medical industry, Industrial industry, and others.  The intent behind developing Arylmax® P is to create a polymer family of PAEK to perform at temperatures even higher those of Arylmax®K.  This would enable customers to reduce the amount of coolants and protective design measures in applications, which in turn will reduce costs and increase production.
Special Benefits of Arylmax® P:

  • Glass Transition temperature (Tg) of 195 – 245 ºC (higher than PEEK)
  • Semi-crystalline thermoplastic copolymer family
  • Melting temperature (Tm) of 320 to 370 ºC
  • Being developed to exceed the application scope of Arylmax K



Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) offers superior chemical resistance with retention of mechanical properties at elevated temperatures.

Key Features

  • Superior thermal stability
  • Outstanding mechanical properties
  • Resistant to wide range of chemicals at elevated temperatures
  • Excellent wear and abrasion resistance in tough environments
  • High purity for medical applications
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Superior fatigue resistance and creep
  • Excellent hydrolytic stability, resistant to boiling water
  • Low outgassing, low particle generation and inherent purity for reduced contamination


Typical Applications;

  • Aircraft components
  • Automotive electrical components
  • Transmissions/power train seals, bearings and gears
  • Semiconductor fabrication and testing equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Oil and gas equipment
  • Wear components such as bearing retainers, bushings, seals, thrust washers

Specialty Products
Glass fiber reinforced
Carbon fiber reinforced
PTFE filled
Bearing Grade

APEXCO-PPSI uses prime virgin resins. All products are fully traceable back to raw material lot.