APEXCO-PPSi, Ltd. has the Stock Shape formulations to meet high standards and provide optimal performance at elevated temperatures, contact with highly abrasive solutions, and exposure to a variety of very aggressive chemicals. Our materials are intended to be solutions to problems in the wafer production process in which operating conditions include abrasion, wear, aggressive chemical environments, and high temperature environments. Outside of the semi-conductor application, APEXCO-PPSi makes products to be used as connectors, cables, and insulators.
Some advantages associated with our material grades are:

  • Compliance with low contamination requirements
  • Reduction in cost of production/manufacturing when replacing quartz or ceramics
  • Opportunity for custom material solutions
  • Dimensional stability and controlled electrical resistivity over a range of temperatures

With wafer sizes and production capabilities changing every day, APEXCO-PPSi understands that our line of Stock Shapes may not meet every specification, which is why we’d look forward to talk to you about creating your custom solution today.  Contact us to begin making your concept a solution.