Reinventing/Redefining Thermoplastic Stock Shapes Manufacturing for the Todays Generation… and next Generations to come…

APEXCO-PPSi manufactures high performance stock shape products striving to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry.

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to produce cost effective, high quality products, made in the USA with unmatched flexibility and service level. Definition of State-of-the-Art @ APEXCO:

  • Designed by APEXCO (Extruder, Screw, Die-Design, Haul-off, Automatic Cutters,…)
  • Constructed under APEXCO’s supervision,
  • Continuously improving/updating equipment, and die-designs to keep up with the complex challenges demanded by newly developed products.
In other words, it is NOT just a collection of purchased standard components from different suppliers.


APEXCO’s highly experienced team of experts, over 25 years and counting, in the field of Stock-Shapes-, and Heavy Wall Profiles Extrusion over the years has successfully introduced/implemented High Performance Plastics, and Specialty Plastics in various industries, such as Energy, Food Processing, Pharma, Semi-Conductor, Electronics, Medical, Automotive, Transportation, Mining, …

Our infinite creativity and innovation puts us among the top (APEX Latin for top) in developing Polymer processing technology and custom formulated Polymers for the utmost challenging applications. We as well have the ability to manufacture custom shapes and profiles for reduced material usage and lower fabrication costs.


APEXCO-PPSi uses prime virgin raw materials only. All of our products accompany resin lot number and batch number with full traceability.