Substituting Ferro and Non-Ferros with Plastics.


Stock shape plastic products offer distinct advantages over ferro and non-ferros for machined parts.  Plastic components can be fabricated with lower overall cost and also offer reduced maintenance, noise and vibration, as well as simplified design through parts consolidation.  Plastic parts will have lower weight and better chemical resistance than parts made with other materials.  Offering a wide variety of standard off-the-shelf engineering and high-performance plastics products, APEXCO-PPSI provides a wide selection of materials in order to perfectly match your application requirements with the most cost effective material.

APEXCO-PPSI produces custom formulated materials for the most demanding applications where enhanced performance is required.   Fiber reinforcement is available for higher strength, stiffness and thermal stability. Electrically conductive additives provide customized electrical properties, and lubricants can be incorporated for applications requiring reduced friction or longer wear life.