xtruded Plates, Rods and Tubular Bars for Machined Parts
Thickness: 6mm to 100mm (3/8" to 4")
Standard Sizes:610mm x 1000mm (24" x 48"), 305mm x1000mm, (12" x 48")
Custom Lengths Available

Diameter: 6mm to 150mm (3/8" to 6") Standard Lengths: 1000mm, 2000mm, 3000mm, (8ft, 10 ft)
Custom Lengths Available

Tubular Bars – Custom
OD: 2" to 6"
Wall Thickness: > 0.5"
Custom Lengths Available

All Products are supplied oversize to finish.

•Property Comparison I

•Property Comparison II

•Chemical Resistance Chart

•Detailed Chemical Resistance Chart

Engineering Plastics, Specialty Plastics, and Exotics.
APEXCO-PPSI has the capability to produce stock shapes from virtually all thermoplastics in slabs/plates, rods, and tubular bars.  Plastic materials can be classified by their structure.  Semi-crystalline polymers offer enhanced chemical resistance, better wear properties and overall mechanical strength.  Amorphous polymers offer superior electrical characteristics, transparency and hydrolytic stability. 

Materials can be ranked within their respective crystallinity classification, with higher performing materials at the top.

Please click on the respective classifications below to get detailed information.

High heat resistance
High dimensional stability
Low creep
Sharp melting point
High shrinkage upon cooling


Lower heat resistance
Lower dimensional stability
Higher creep
Gradual softening
Lower shrinkage upon cooling