APEXCO-PPSi materials are not just found in intense pressure and temperature environments.  The high strength-to-weight ratios, as well as dimensional stability of our polymers, make great components in the automotive and bullet train industries.  Our Stock Shapes can replace steel, aluminum, plywood, HDF and MDF board, and fiberboard in many applications.
In applications such as high-speed monorails, weight and strength of the materials play a big part in determining the capabilities of the train itself. Our Arylmax® and Pyramid™ Product Range are expanding the possibilities of high speed land transportation with every new product.  Switching not only improves performance, but our Stock Shapes are also cost-effective solutions to even the highest-technology machines, especially when components need to be further shaped by thermal processes. We intend to create custom solutions to your transportation needs, contact us or fill out an inquiry form to start the process today.